Creating Career Opportunities

Talent, Inc. works on building long-term relationships with career oriented professionals who are interested in learning about long-term job opportunities with our clients. Talent, Inc. only believe in career path consulting. That is, we care about you and your future and will take the time to understand what is important to you and your career before we introduce you to our clients. We believe this is the way to build a long lasting relationship, and know that when you are next ready to look for a new position you will come to us first.

Talent, Inc. understands that our candidates trust us to represent their interests. We strive to introduce our candidates to firms and career opportunities that match their background and experience level and are appropriate to their long-term career interest. We value successful long-term relationships with our candidates based on trust and respect.

Search Methodology

Understanding our clients' needs, products and services, corporate culture and Japan business strategy in depth is the first step for Talent, Inc to assist a candidate in locating the right career opportunity. Using this knowledge we are then able to provide our candidates the best advice on each potential opportunity.

Talent Inc. has 2 basic methods of assisting a candidate in searching for an appropriate job opportunity. The first is the most simple, and it is where a client comes to us and asks us to locate a candidate with certain skills and experience for a certain role. As our client relationships are built to the very highest levels, and because we have an extremely deep knowledge of a clients’ strategies and needs, we have built a very strong awareness and understanding of exactly the kinds of people/talent these companies need to grow their business further. The second method has been derived from the deep and trusting relationships Talent, Inc has created with its clients. If we therefore meet a candidate with the skills, experience and mindset that we know would be a strong fit for one of our clients, we will use the relationships we have built within a company to try and open or create a role for this candidate. This can only be done when you have delivered the people a client needs, when they need them, and when you have built the solid, respectful and trusting relationships that Talent, Inc has with its’ clients.

Meeting with Talent, Inc

We do understand that you are trusting us to represent your best interests, and will therefore strive to introduce you to job opportunities that are appropriate for your background, experience and skills, and most importantly, are in line with your long-term interests and career goals.

The initial meeting with a Talent, Inc Consultant will be in order for us to understand your career aspirations and also to offer career consulting and advice. We will help you to understand your full potential and value in the job market by showing you how your experience and skills would be rated by potential employers. We believe in career path consulting, and will strive to understand all that is important to you and your career before introducing you through to our clients. We are not hoping for a one off situation where we place you into one of our clients and never see you again, rather, our goal is to create a long-term relationship based on respect and trust. We would like to look after your career for many years to come. Treating every candidate as a potential future client is our philosophy.

Identifying opportunities

Most candidates contacted by the Talent, Inc research team have been identified for certain specific opportunities with our client base. After meeting with one of our consultants we will identify the most appropriate opportunities for your skills, experience and aspirations. We are able to provide a strong, balanced profile of each opportunity as we have a very strong understanding of each of our clients’ organization, corporate culture, history and strategies.

Each of our consultants specialize in his/her respective industries so that they can identify the best candidates in the market for our clients, and in turn, present these candidates with the information needed to make and educated and informed decision on an opportunity.

Client introduction

We will introduce potential candidates to our client companies using the solid relationships we have formed, will facilitate each candidate interview and provide in depth feedback to both parties following each meeting.

Job offer

We will assist with all negotiations and will explain an offer letter in detail to allow a candidate the luxury of being able to make a comfortable, informed and educated decision on the offer at hand. Should it be necessary, we are also able to assist with the resignation process at your current company.


Recent News

September 2007 - Talent Inc. Website Renewal Talent Inc., has recently had its website re-developed to streamline the application process and foster communication with our clients and candidates. Candidates have the ability to browse or search for jobs and apply directly online. Browse Jobs Now →